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So much to talk about, where does one start? Well, as some know, I chose a new resin baby to add to my collection! I knew a Luts would be my next doll, and I knew it would be tan. The real question was the character. I didn’t think an SD was possible right now, but I have had an awesome year, and decided that shelling my Damon would be a perfect graduation gift to me. ❤ Maybe I can finally do a proper box opening, since I have my new awesome phone now!

Senior65 Delf RANGE
Senior65 Delf RANGE

My peer support training has been going so great, and I graduate on February 24th. My final exam is next Thursday, and I feel pretty prepared for that. I have a couple of things I’d like to study a bit more on though. So, I’ll try to do that over my weekend.

I got to facilitate my wellness group as part of the class, and my topic was blogging! I decided to share it, along with my presentation on blogging for beginners, here. I always welcome feedback on my material, and I love to share!

Unfortunately, I found out that my art therapist is leaving our studio, but I’m really grateful to have known her. She helped me become a better artist, and activist over this past year. I know she’ll do great things!

I also found out more about the Ambassador Program, and I’m hoping that this will be a way for me to stay a part of PSA after I graduate the programs. I’m not going to stress about it, because it’s a new position. However, I’m very excited to see branching out at PSA and I still want to create more groups for digital art! I’m really passionate about the studios, and I am really thankful to the Art Awakenings program.

Not only has creating art with mindfulness and wellness helped me overcome feelings of depression, but it has given me a greater purpose! I have even become a better artist by getting to know myself, discovering what I’m good at, and what I can contribute! Even if I end up working outside the program, I’m still glad I went through my training there, and I got the experience of being a member for the past year.

Doll Plans 2017

TAN RESIN! That’s the jist of my plans for this year. Not only brown, but I’d also like green and grey resin in my collection. Next, I’d like to get a Luts doll. I’ve had them on my wishlist for a while, so I want to make it happen! I’m not sure if I want to shell Damon though, the magician who created all these chimera, or another chimera. I still have a couple of weeks until I can order, so I have some time to choose.

Concept art of my character Damon.

Today in art therapy, we were discussing contemplative thinking. We each chose our own topic that we wanted to think about, but can often obsess over. I chose BJD aesthetics, specifically my dream collection. The objective was to write about what you enjoy thinking without limitations.

Here is what I wrote:

A collection of tan dolls from Luts, FairylandIplehouse and other beautiful dolls all in SD form. Props and proper clothing. The best DSLR and working knowledge of how to use it. A glass display case and plush carrying cases. Making my own eyes. Traveling around the world and taking the best photos of my collection I can.

The point of the exercise, is to process your thoughts, and enjoy that process. Finding the underline desire or goal of those thoughts. For me, it’s simply that I want to have a lovely collection.

A bit about Damon:

His name was inspired by Khayman, and his physical character, by David Talbot both characters from The Vampire Chronicles. Damon is of African and Anglo Indian decent. He’s a sorcerer, in command of the powerful magic of hoodoo. The name Damon, actually means “to command” or “to tame”. Perfect for the creator of chimeras.

My stories about Damon:

When You Just Know

I can’t believe I’m already halfway through my Peer Support training! I graduate February 24th, and I’m looking into what I want to do next. I know I want to work for PSA, so I’m learning more about their Ambassador program. I’m also looking into the Vision of Hope Warm Line. It’s a local number people can call to speak to a peer for support. (We’re an aptly named group!) 😛

PSA is my main focus however, and I know that’s the place for me! I feel the warmth and caring there, and I want to be a part of it. Since this time last year, I have been an artist at Art Awakenings, and the experience I get there is really like no other. I really want to contribute to their community with my own art styles.

Not only that, but I have had my little buddies along with me each day of Peer Support training, and no one has batted an eye! I have never felt so much acceptance! Not that I am known to be shy with my dolls, or the hobby! 😉

Good advice from my instructor!

My goal is to teach groups there on digital art, and share the doll hobby, and it’s many healing aspects! Recently I was asked how the dolls help with my mental illness.

Here is my answer:

Living with depression, dolls help to explore what’s going on inside with an artistic outlet. The art of creating characters is a very inclusive one! Sewing clothes, painting faces, illustration, photography, digital editing and even just getting outside more, are all ways that doll collecting can help someone overcome depression and practice mindfulness.

Connecting with the doll community is also an important aspect of recovery. I feel we all find a benefit from this inclusive hobby, filled with so much creativity! When we connect with each other it helps with isolation, and gives us all a sense of friendship and hope.

Questions for the reader:

1.) Would you participate in my group?

2.) What is your favorite part of the doll hobby or your favorite creative outlet?